We all know how busy things get once the end of summer break approaches. Take advantage of summer breathing space to explore new ideas and get some Renaissance planning done! Below are some suggestions for starting the school year motivated and prepared.

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a fan club at your school, you are not alone! We love nothing more than helping schools (and you!) succeed. If you ever have a question, need some input or are wondering where to find a specific resource, contact us at [email protected].

Learn More About Renaissance

Events: Attend the Jostens Renaissance Global Conference in July, or sign up to join a regional event or Happy R virtual event in the fall.

Get Started: Take the online Get Started Course to for a structured introduction to Renaissance.

Results FormulaTM: Read up on the 6 R’s and consider how they can provide structure for your planning.

Prepare Logistics

Assess the needs of your school to understand the areas in which you excel and areas that could use a little “love.”

Determine your goals for the year, and how you will know if you were successful in meeting them.

Decide on academic and character criteria for recognition, such as through a Renaissance Card program or qualifying for attending the Rally.

Create a structure for your Renaissance activities, whether that means embedding with an existing club/organization, or creating a Renaissance club/class.

Identify Staffulty and students with the skills you need and recruit them for your Renaissance team.

Draft a calendar Referencing the Renaissance Monthly Playbook with the year’s activities, and note when you need to start early, such as reserving space or getting an event on schedules.

Plan Ahead: Look at the requirements for this year’s School of Distinction awards and be sure your plans for the year include all the necessary activities for the tier you want to achieve.

Prepare Inspiration

The Green Room: Check out the new episodes of The Green Room, decide on three that would be most relevant for your colleagues, and recommend them to your administration or professional development team for showing in the fall.

School of Distinction Recipients: Read about how the 2023 School of Distinction Recipients used their original ideas to live out their Renaissance values and meet their goals.

Renaissance Store: Pick up a few motivational items in the RenStore so others can see the positivity you feel – posters, staff gifts, and student giveaways are a visible way to broadcast a fresh start.

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