Get Your Renaissance Rally to the Next Level!

Submitted by Tammy Guehne from Waterloo High School.


A Renaissance Rally is the highlight of many schools’ experience with Renaissance implementation. The philosophy behind it is to celebrate academic achievements and improvement along with student character just as much as any sports team. This is also a perfect time to publicly recognize and reward teachers, too! Every school’s rally is different, but they are all FUN and HIGH ENERGY! In general, rallies include recognition, games, skits, dancing, and music.

When the Renaissance students and staffulty at Waterloo High School began planning their first in-person Renaissance Rally in over two years, they wanted to go BIG! They created a fully scripted rally that brought all their students back in time to the 50’s– download their script below to get started on planning your Renaissance Rally!

How to make a large-scale Renaissance rally:

  1. This rally recognized almost 800 students and staffulty! Involve as many people as you can- from administration to school board to business supporters!
  2. Immerse the rally in a theme!
  3. Pick a day that will allow the rally to be the central focus, and so that the most people will be there to take part in it.
  4. Plan, plan, plan! With so many people involved, make a detailed script for speakers, performers, and your technical crew. Download an example from Waterloo High School below!
  5. Have FUN and get SILLY!


Download the tech cues and script: 2022 Tech Script Example

Watch their live stream of the rally here:

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