Walk into any Jostens Renaissance® school and you’ll immediately notice the difference.

The way the school looks, the achievements that are recognized and the way people treat each other are all unmistakable. You can sense a shared understanding of what the school values. And, maybe most importantly, you can tell that it’s a place where students and educators truly want to be. For over 25 years, Jostens Renaissance Education has helped schools across North America renew their climate and culture. This contributes to increased attendance and graduation rates, improved academic performance and behavior, higher teacher retention rates, and a boost in overall school spirit.

Jostens Renaissance® is honored to work with an amazing network of educators and students on renewing climate and culture — and ultimately in helping students get across the stage on graduation day. With unparalleled resources, a library of best practices, and a vibrant community of educators, schools across the world are driving tangible results through the Renaissance formula.



Renaissance schools show respect to what they regard as important. And while every school can have their own twist or area of focus, Renaissance schools, as a whole, show respect to academic performance, character development, and to the staff and faculty (staffulty) dedicated to helping students succeed.


Renaissance creates an energized culture of recognition that runs broad and deep. It’s a culture that is purposeful in identifying achievements of all stakeholders and thoughtful in recognizing them. A Renaissance culture is focused on catching students (and educators) doing something awesome. Schools that work with Jostens can use The Pulse-Student Recognition Survey to get real time perspectives from students, staffulty and parents about how students feel recognized in your school.


Renaissance schools reward students for actions and achievements that align with what the school respects. There are many examples of Renaissance rewards — each of them serves to show appreciation to the efforts of students and teachers, to reinforce the behaviors that are
valued and respected at school, and to provide motivation for more achievements. By implementing a system of rewards, schools can illustrate how the hard work students and educators put in comes with benefits.


If academic performance, character development and staffulty are most important, that message should be reinforced with all stakeholders all year long. You will be amazed at what the physical appearance of your school can do for reinforcing your values. Jostens Renaissance® is honored to provide schools with resources to reinforce character development (The Harbor™ by Jostens) and the significance of graduation (Commitment 2 Graduate® or C2G®).


Strong and supportive relationships are the foundation for culture and climate work in a school. All Renaissance Rs are more effective when connections are nurtured between students, staff, teachers, administrators, parents, school board members, local businesses, and the community at large.


When students and educators work together to RESPECT student character, academic excellence and staffulty, and when they RECOGNIZE, REWARD and REINFORCE achievements in these areas in fun and meaningful ways (for real, we’re talking fun), that leads to RESULTS. Those results are why Renaissance has been around more than a quarter of a century. It works. Jostens Renaissance has been tested, refined and customized in thousands of schools across North America. Grades go up. Tardiness goes down. Graduation rates improve. Relationships are built. And morale goes through the roof, creating a climate and culture where everyone feels and knows that they matter.


Commitment to Graduate® (C2G®) is an initiative to address the growing student dropout rate across America. It encourages students to strive for their high school diploma and set a goal for the next stage of life.

The Jostens Renaissance Getting Started Kit has everything you need to successfully start Renaissance in your school. Included in the kit is a five-episode video series filmed in Renaissance schools showing their insights and best practices. Also included are posters, self-assessments, worksheets, and other resources to help you along the way.

The Harbor by Jostens is a free educational video resource for schools that provides students with real perspectives from real people that will help them achieve greater success in the outside world. The Harbor

The Pulse – Student Recognition Survey is a brief, scientifically validated survey, which will allow you to understand the perspectives of students, teachers and parents in regards to how students are being recognized within your building.

Jostens is proud to partner with the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation to bring the Congressional Medal of Honor Character Development Program training to schools across the United States. This collaboration brings together a rich legacy of celebrating moments that matter with American heroes whose acts of self-sacrifice provide inspiration for exploring the nature of character.

Idea Exchange– One of the most powerful aspects of Jostens Renaissance® is the connection of schools like yours sharing great ideas with one another. Ideas are compiled here and organized by theme. From quick, one-time events, to inspired ideas you can implement all year long, find ways to strengthen any of the core components of a successful Jostens Renaissance program here! Idea Exchange

The Jostens Renaissance National Conference is a one-of-a-kind experience that brings all educational stakeholders together with the sole focus of creating a positive culture and climate. It is a premier educational conference in sharing ideas by making connections, hearing new ways to promote and build character for students, staff, and faculty, and a celebration of the best educators and students in the nation. See highlights from the 2018 JRNC or learn more about the 2019 JRNC.

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