Educator Morale

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • High teacher and staff turnover
  • Frequent teacher absenteeism
  • Lack of collaboration
  • Inability to fill sponsor or extra-curricular roles
  • Student or teacher apathy
  • Sense of frustration, division, or defeatism within faculty
  • Negativity in staff meetings

If so, these are symptoms of an underlying educator morale issue. The Renaissance resources below can address educator morale issues. Our top recommendations are listed first, followed by our entire library of resource remedies for educator morale. If you would like input on how to best use these resources, check out the Suggestions for School-Wide Implementation section at the bottom of this page.

Featured Resources

Educator Summit – Staff Recognition

This recording of a Jostens Renaissance Educator Summit session will supply you with over 50 staff recognition ideas. Show this video to your entire staff or just your leadership teams. Implement a few of your favorite ideas, and watch your morale begin to improve.

Harbor Episode – Balance

This episode of The Harbor by Jostens will help educators analyze areas where they need balance and identify how to obtain it in certain areas of their life. This episode is perfect for a staff meeting. Use the accompanying discussion questions to assist educators in their professional and personal reflections.

Honorary Diplomas

Nothing gives an educator a boost like an expression of genuine appreciation from a student. Honorary Diplomas are a formal way to create a tradition of gratitude on your campus. Students in your graduating class can dedicate an honorary diploma to the educator they feel was most influential in their educational journey.

Exclusive Educator Morale Resources

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Educator Morale Webinar
Video on Demand with strategies for improving morale

Educator Summit Session – Social Emotional Wellbeing for Educators
Video on Demand with suggestions for how educators can prioritize their wellbeing

Educator Summit Session – Technology and Teaching
Video on Demand showing technology integrations to assist with asynchronous learning

RenTalk – Joe Sanfelippo
Video on Demand providing quick ideas for expressing to educators the value they bring

Jostens Renaissance Virtual Conference Breakout – Rock Star Staffulty Meetings
Video on Demand with over 20 ideas for how to make staff meetings more engaging

Jostens Renaissance Virtual Conference Breakout – Staffulty Love
Video on Demand offering detailed staff recognition strategies

Jostens Renaissance Virtual Conference Breakout – Staffulty Recognition
Video on Demand providing staff recognition strategies

Jostens Renaissance Virtual Conference – How to Teach Remotely Series
A series of Video on Demand recordings specific to all subject areas and grade levels focused on remote teaching strategies

Harbor Episode – Solutions > Problems
Video-based lesson with discussion prompts to help give educators a solutions mindset when they are overwhelmed

Harbor Episode – Mentorship
Video-based lesson with discussion prompts providing content relevant to building a culture of mentorship for educators

Harbor Episode – Education
Video-based lesson with discussion prompts featuring educators sharing their ‘why’

Idea Exchange – Staffulty Recognition
Database of staff recognition best practices submitted by schools

Jostens Renaissance Store – Tangible Staff Recognition assets
Physical items useful for providing both formal and information staff recognition

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