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The Harbor, featuring Mike Smith and guests, facilitates the teaching of character development in classrooms by showcasing tangible life lessons through a school year's worth of episodes with rich, raw and engaging video content. Designed for the classroom, Renaissance members have access to a downloadable critical thinking discussion guide to foster student-led discussions for each episode

All six seasons and 160 episodes are listed below, with most recent episodes at the top. Use the "Browse by Keyword" link below to see topics covered and filter episodes by topic.

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Season 6

EPISODE 23: Equity vs. Equality

Celebrating diversity is about taking the time to acknowledge our differences and then taking action to embrace them. On this episode of The Harbor by Jostens, guest Cammy Watkins breaks down the differences between equity and equality, and how equity goes a step further by recognizing that everyone starts with unique advantages and disadvantages, and therefore needs different solutions in order to establish fair access and opportunity. In turn, this process leads to a stronger sense of community.

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Season 6

Students demonstrate how privilege impacts many of our opportunities, and Mike urges us to have conversations about how those with more privilege can use it to help those with less privilege.

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Season 2

Professional skier Michelle Parker shares her story of success as a female athlete in a male-dominated sport.

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