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Share your perspective on a Harbor episode

On each episode of the Harbor, we share real perspectives and life lessons from real people. We are excited to create Season Three of The Harbor and we want your help!

Based on feedback from our viewers, next year’s season will include the topics of bullying, failure/dealing with failure, and gossip/rumors/drama.

We feel these are important issues in students’ lives and we want to include as many valuable perspectives and insights as we can when we address these topics.

If you have a story to share that can help other students as they deal with these issues, please send us a video of you sharing your thoughts. Your submitted video might show up in a real Harbor episode!

In your video submission, please specifically address one or more of the questions for any of the topics listed below.



      • Do you think bullying is an issue on your campus? If so, how do you think bullying impacts the culture of your school?
      • How has bullying affected you? What did you learn from your experience?
      • Have you ever bullied someone and regretted it? What lesson did you learn in doing so?
      • What have you done to help someone that has been bullied or picked on?


      • Think of a time when you didn’t do something because of a fear of failure. What drove that fear? Looking back, how could you have approached the situation differently?
      • What factors influence your fear of failure? List how you can overcome these factors.
      • Have you ever failed at something that was important to you? How did you persevere?
      • What advice would you give to a friend that has experienced failure? How could you help that friend succeed?


      • Have you ever been the subject of untrue gossip or rumors? How did it make you feel?
      • Have you ever spread untrue gossip or rumors about someone else? Why? How do you think it made that person feel?
      • How do you think rumors start? Why do you think rumors spread?
      • Do you have a success story in overcoming rumors or gossip?

Submission Requirements

To be considered for inclusion in an episode of The Harbor, the following requirements must be met in your submission:

  • All submitted videos must be accompanied by a release form. For all students under 18 a parent or legal guardian must sign as well.
  • Video submissions can be no more than 2 minutes in length.
  • iPhone or Android video minimum; handheld cameras can be used as well.
  • No editing, no filters, no music – please only submit the raw footage.
  • Ensure there is no background audio; use of microphones is encouraged.
  • Ensure that you have adequate lighting; filming near a window works great!
  • Your phone or camera needs to be on a tripod or sitting still on a flat surface. No handheld video footage will be accepted.

How to Submit

Upload your video AND HARBOR RELEASE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENT FORM using the link below. For the file name of both the release form and the video, please use your last name followed by the topic, e.g. LASTNAME_TOPIC. For example, “JOHNSON_BULLYING” or “ANDERSON_FAILURE”.


Upload video and signed release forms here:

Questions from JRNC: https://www.dropbox.com/request/3nQh0M5QEKwiP0jgjJhq

Bullying: https://www.dropbox.com/request/hqyELgZhKa2t6NSPz8Qp

Failure: https://www.dropbox.com/request/X0m2xEJvqNqS9VCf0BCB

Gossip, Rumors, Drama: https://www.dropbox.com/request/Ni18y47AyjbKklxvx70o

Thank You!

Thanks for considering sharing your personal experiences on The Harbor to help other students! Your perspectives and advice are an important part of these episodes. Stay tuned for more new episodes of The Harbor by Jostens!

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